Thursday, 15 October 2009

Training Diary

OK it's October 25th 2009 and I have 12 months almost to the day to go from a very very unfit 18 stone lump to a being fit enough to bike 660km across Vietnam.

Not been on a bike for around 20 years but collected my new bike today. (Sponsored by Maples Solicitor's of Spalding)

so we start training here..

day one 15th oct 09:- set bike up put on some strange shorts with pads in the crutch and I rode 5 miles. Chris went with me to make sure i did it.

17th Oct 09 well did another 5.5 miles. bum already a little tender, needs to get used to that. The little trip computer is like a clock, never moves when your watching it, so will have to stop checking it every 200yds and hoping that it will say another mile done.
weather a bit cooler today, winter soon be here oh Joy, not..

24th Oct 09 Been hard to find time this week to get on me bike but been out and done another 5 miles ish and found it harder than last time but then it was a bit windy.

7th Nov 09 Well not been out for a while and really need to get an exercise bike..
Went for a bike ride this morning a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. I followed a cycle path which took me through the village of Eye and then down past a lovely lake (which i didn't know was there) around the lake was off road which was great no traffic or people. then across some fields back to the roads behind the industrial est. from there back up to my area and home.
It clock on my little computer that I'd done just over 11 miles so pleased with myself. just doubled my last ride in one.

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  1. I got a bike for the first time last Monday and my bottom has only just recovered! You'll get used to it x